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Derelict Crab Trap Rodeos

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Volunteer Info & Sign-up

Two volunteer days are planned for 2020 to help collect and remove derelict crab traps. The first volunteer day will be in the Barataria Basin on February 2nd, located at Jean Lafitte Harbor in Lafitte, LA.  The second volunteer day will be in the Calcasieu Basin on February 15th, located at the Cameron Parish public boat launch located on the western shore of the Calcasieu River Ship Channel, north of the Highway 82 Cameron Ferry.

Volunteer Instructions:

  • Photo: A volunteer pulls up to the boat dock with collected crab traps.Supplies, including gloves, grappling hooks, knives, tarps, and bags are available to volunteers. Please return all durable supplies so they can be used again.
  • Please do not remove or handle any traps found outside of the crab trap closure area.
  • All crab traps remaining within the closed area during the crab trap closure shall be considered abandoned and anyone is authorized to remove these abandoned crab traps.
    —   Crab fishermen are allowed to temporarily store and stack their traps within the closure area; please do not remove these.
    —   However, if you find a line of baited and actively fished traps, please do not attempt to remove these but instead contact Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officials with the location.
  • Crab traps may be removed only from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.
  • Authorization for access to private property can only be provided by individual landowners.
  • All retrieved traps must remain within the closure area and be surrendered at the collection site(s). None may be retained or taken home.
  • It is important that we document and count all retrieved crab traps.
  • Traps also may be dropped at the designated drop-off points for pick up later. Please let us know at the marina an estimate of the number of traps you left at these designated points.

In case of emergency:

Contact information for Melissa Crouch at 225-765-2923 or [email protected]