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Ocean Commotion Posters & Facts:

Ocean Commotion 2016 Poster

2016: Ocean Folklore
Poster & Facts

Ocean Commotion 2015 Poster

2015: Horseshoe Crab & Knot
Poster & Facts

Ocean Commotion 2014 Poster

2014 Lined Seahorse
Poster & Facts

Ocean Commotion 2013 Poster

2013: Shrimp, Crab & Flounder
Poster & Facts

Ocean Commotion 2012 Poster

2012: Diatoms
Poster & Facts

Ocean Commotion 2011 Poster

2011: Squid & Octopi
Poster & Facts















Sea Puzzles: About the Sea Puzzles

OC Sea Puzzle - Crab

Crab Sea Puzzle

OC Sea Puzzle - Fish

Fish Sea Puzzle

OC Sea Puzzle - Shrimp

Shrimp Sea Puzzle







Make a day of Ocean Commotion and visit other places of interest near the LSU campus.