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Flood Protection & Ecosystem Restoration Conference

2007 Archive: Presentations
The presentations below are available in Adobe PDF format.

Day 1—Tuesday, November 27, 2007—Flood Protection Policy & Administration

Session 1: Protecting Communities—Introduction to Louisiana’s Comprehensive Master Plan
Ms. Sidney Coffee, Governor’s Executive Assistant for Coastal Activities

Session 2: Agency Roles and Legal Authorities
Session 3: Levee Board Legal Issues
Mr. Jim Wilkins, JD, Louisiana Sea Grant, Louisiana State University

Session 4: Regional Evolution of Levee Districts
Mr. Eddie Brooks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksburg, MS

Session 5: Financial Management
Session 6: Financial Management (cont.)
Dr. Thomas Lynch, Public Administration Institute, Louisiana State University

Day 2— Wednesday, November 28, 2007—Structural Controls

Session 1: Introduction to Flood Protection Systems
Session 2: Planning of Flood Protection Systems
Dr. Reda M. Bakeer, Tulane University

Session 4: Failures in Flood Protection Systems
Session 5: Failure Monitoring in Flood Protection Systems
Session 6: Issues Related to Design, Construction and Maintenance of a Flood Protection System (Part 1)
Session 7: Issues Related to Design, Construction and Maintenance of a Flood Protection System (Part 2)
Dr. J. David Rogers, PE, RG, Dept. of Geological Engineering, University of Missouri—Rolla

Day 3—Thursday, November 29, 2007—Non-structural Controls, Climate, and Risk

Session 1: Introduction to Hydrology and Inland Flooding
Session 2: Coastal and Riverine Hazard Modeling
Dr. Hassan Mashriqui, P.E., Louisiana Sea Grant, Louisiana State University

Session 3: Climate Forecasting
Dr. Barry Keim, Dept. of Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University

Session 4: Introduction to Non-structural Approaches
Session 5: Community Planning—Role of Floodplain Management in Flood Damage Reduction
Stephen D. Villavaso, FAICP, JD, Villavaso & Associates, LLC.

Session 6: Risk Communication & Information Dissemination
Dr. John C. Pine, Disaster Science & Management, Louisiana State University