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Faculty Opportunities

Faculty Opportunities

Exploring New Aquaculture Opportunities

Sea Grant anticipates $1,500,000 will be available to support Sea Grant-led aquaculture projects to catalyze work in a range of topics or geographies. This competition will fund diverse, and at times, high-risk, developmental projects that will envision, explore and advance aquaculture opportunities where a minimal foundation currently exists. Letters of intent are due March 26, 2019. Full proposals are due April 24, 2019. — see formal announcement for details

Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research Needs in Aquaculture

The National Sea Grant Office anticipates around $3,000,000 will be available to support research to address critical gaps in social, behavioral, and economic knowledge as it relates to U.S. aquaculture and the communities impacted and served by it. The initiative is informed by the National Strategic Plan for Federal Aquaculture Research; the Sea Grant 10-Year NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Vision; and previous research from federal, state, and university scientists. Letters of intent are due April 2, 2019. Full proposals are due May 1, 2019. — see formal announcement for details

LaDIA Faculty Fellowship

Louisiana Sea Grant is soliciting applicants for the next class of LaDIA Faculty Fellows. This unique opportunity seeks to build the research capacity of Louisiana university researchers by providing opportunities for research communication training and community engagement. The deadline to apply is April 5, 2019. Eligibility and application information can be found at online at www.laseagrant.org/outreach/ladia/fellowships/

Advanced Aquaculture Collaborative Programs

Sea Grant anticipates at least $9,000,000 will be available to support the establishment of collaborative programs to build the capacity of Sea Grant and its partners to advance aquaculture in areas where a foundation of knowledge and activity currently exists but where significant barriers to sustainable domestic marine and Great Lakes aquaculture remain. These collaborative programs will serve as geographic or topic-based hubs for fully integrated, transdisciplinary research, outreach, and education that will provide broad, non-proprietary support and investment for building and/or enhancing an aquaculture industry. Letters of Indent are due April 15, 2019. Full proposals are due May 15, 2019 — see formal announcement for details