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LaDIA Fellows Program

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Current Fellows

Louisiana Sea Grant has selected 13 tenure-track faculty from five university campuses as 2017 LaDIA Fellows. LaDIA Fellows will receive training from national experts in science communication and outreach, as well as broaden their knowledge of coastal concerns, during three workshops over the course of the 2017-18 academic year.

The 2017 LaDIA Fellows are:

Abigail Bockus



 Marshall Bowles



 Raul E. Diaz, Jr.

Southeastern Louisiana University
Department of Biology


Aimee M. Hollander

Nicholls State Univeristy
Department of Biological Sciences


Steve Midway

Louisiana State University
Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences


David C. Podgorski

University of New Orleans
Department of Chemistry


Guillaume Rieucau



Kevin Ringelman

Louisiana State University
Department of Renewable Natural Resources


 Kelly L. Robinson

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Department of Biology


Samendra Sherchan

Tulane University
Department of Global Environmental Health Sciences


Heather Stone

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Jovan Tatar

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Department of Civil Engineering


 Xiuping Zhu

Louisiana State University
Department of  Civil and Environmental Engineering