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Staff Bios

John-SupanJohn Supan, Ph.D.

Research Professor, Oyster Specialist Director-Sea Grant Oyster Research Lab
(225) 578-6527
[email protected]

John Supan is a research professor at the Louisiana Sea Grant College at LSU, where he has proudly worked for the past 32 years.  During that time, he served as area fisheries agent in St. Tammany/Orleans/Tangipahoa parishes for six years and has directed oyster hatchery research since 1990, focusing on oyster industry needs.  Recently, he directed the design, construction, operation and purpose of the state’s new oyster hatchery on Grand Isle, where he has lived as a part-time resident for 26 years. He has also served as the secretary-treasurer of the Louisiana Oyster Dealers & Growers Association since 1985.  His expertise is in oyster culture, sanitation, management and leadership development.  He has been a resident of Covington, LA since 1984.


Stephanie Grodeska

Research Associate, Phycologist
[email protected]

Stephanie Grodeska earned her Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island in 2012. She began working at the Louisiana Sea Grant Oyster Hatchery in 2013 as a larval research associate. After two hatchery seasons, she then left to pursue her M.S. with Auburn University’s School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic sciences researching Vibrio levels in aquacultured oysters. After graduation in 2016, she returned to LSU as a R.A., conducting research and outreach with Louisiana’s softshell crabbing industry. Recently, she has returned as a research associate-phycologist, where she cultivates microalgal stock and continuous cultures that daily provides 450 gallons of high quality dense algae at the Sea Grant Oyster Research Laboratory/Michael C. Voisin Oyster Hatchery, co-operated by Sea Grant and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at Grand Isle, La.


Photo-Blank-MaleBrian Callam

Graduate Student

Brian Callam is pursuing a doctorate degree in fisheries and aquaculture at Louisiana State University’s School of Renewable Natural Resources. He is working as a graduate assistant at Louisiana Sea Grant’s oyster hatchery on Grand Isle, and his research focuses on designing and implementing a tetraploid oyster-breeding program that continues development of triploid oyster production. The initial phase of his research is comparing gonadal cycling in diploid, triploid and tetraploid broodstocks. In addition to the breeding research program, he is actively engaged in extension efforts to train commercial collaborators in off-bottom culture methods for use in the newly formed Grand Isle Oyster Farming Zone and beyond. His career goals after graduation are to conduct genetic and breeding research to advance marine invertebrate aquaculture.