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Current Funded Projects: 2018

Cameron Belding
Nicholls State University
Use of Microbial Biofertilizers in Coastal Restoration of Wetland Plants in Southeast Louisiana Ramaraj Boopathy
Joshua Cobar
Louisiana State University
Black Drum Shelf Life Comparing Three Packaging Technologies Evelyn Watts
Ean Hill
Louisiana State University
A Wetland Carbon Inventory for Coastal Louisiana: Implications for Climate Change and Carbon Credits John White
Olivia Hunt
Louisiana State University
Evaluation of Lightweight Gypsum-based Materials for Oyster Reef Reconstruction and Coastal Protection Maria Gutierrez-Wing
Jennifer Lamori
Tulane University
Occurrence of Naegleria fowleri in Sediments from Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana Samendra Sherchan
Lauren Little
Louisiana State University
Susceptibility of Crude Oil Exposed Gulf Killifish to a Marine Bacterial Infection Fernando Galvez
Steven Medina
Tulane University
Bald Cypress Microbial Communities under Flooding and Drought Stress Sunshine van Bael
Logan Betzer
Louisiana State University
Continuous Monitoring and Analysis of Marsh Shoreline Evolution to Understand Erosion Mechanisms Navid Jafari
Patrick Cole
Louisiana State University
3-D Printing of Cryopreservation Devices for Standardization and Commercialization of Genetic Resources in Aquatic  Terrence Tiersch

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