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Current Funded Projects: 2019

Amber Jarrell,
Dominique Angibeau,
Megan Devine,
Alison Carrier,
Claire Stansbury
Louisiana State University
Evaluating a Chill Spray System Utilizing a Chitosan Solution for the Inactivation of Pathogens on the Surface of Fresh Shrimp Subramaniam Sathivel
Briante Brumfield
Southern University at New Orleans
Characterizing the Effects of Temperature on Hypoxia Tolerance in Gulf Brown Shrimp to Support Directed Fishing Efforts Offshore Abigail Bockus
Noel Dudeck
Louisiana State University
Waves, Mixing and Resuspension in University Lake: Restoration Implications Giulio Mariotti
Megan Guidry
Louisiana State University
Variation in the Microbiome of the Eastern Oyster: Environmental Influences and Effects on Oyster Health Morgan Kelly
Matthew Hutchins
Louisiana State University
Hydrogel-based System for Microalgal Cultures Dewatering Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Wing
Erik Johnson
Tulane University
Avian Coastal Ecology: Survival and Movement in Beach-nesting Birds using Radio Telemetry Caroline Taylor
Katerine Kjos
Louisiana State University
Identifying the Geographical Origin of Domestic and Imported Crawfish Using Stable Isotope Analysis Michael Polito
Claire Lanclos
Louisiana State University
Reducing Pathogen Loads on Shrimp with Water Soluble Bacteriocins of Lactic Acid Probiotic Bacteria Subramaniam Sathivel
Grace Nguyen
Louisiana State University
Development of a Standardized Artificial Inseminator for Freshwater Live-bearing Fishes Todd Monroe
Juan Touza
Louisiana State University
Effect of Lactic Acid on Shelf Life of Fresh Crawfish Tail Meat Evelyn Watts
Amina Meselhe
Louisiana State University
Biomechanical Properties of Wetland Vegetation for Quantifying Wave Attenuation Navid Jafari

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