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Current Funded Projects: 2017

Cameron Belding
Nicholls State University
Presence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Coastal Waters of Southeast Louisiana Raj Boopathy
Brandon Champagne
Louisiana State University
Calibrations of Optical and Acoustic Sensors for Coastal Protection and Restoration Research Kehui (Kevin) Xu
Devin Comba
Louisiana State University
Epigenetic Effects of Salinity in the Eastern Oyster Crassostrea virginica Morgan Kelly
Brendan Copley
Louisiana State University
Integrating Marsh Soil Strength and Failure Progression in Marsh Edge Erosion Models for Coastal Louisiana Navid H. Jafari
Q. Jim Chen
Morganne Guidry
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Effects of Flooding Height, Duration and Timing on Spartina patens Jenneke Visser
Alexandra R. Powajbo
Louisiana State University
Microplastic Abundances and Spatial Extent Across the LSU Campus Using Citizen Science Mark C. Benfield
Kristen Rosamond
Tulane University
Social Information Use and Foraging Behaviors of the Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Jordan Karubian

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