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The Gulf of Mexico Conference (GoMCon) “Preview” @ Online Event
Apr 14 all-day

Please mark your calendars for The Gulf of Mexico Conference (GoMCon) “preview” on April 14th, 2021!

GoMCon combines the annual Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) All Hands Meeting, the annual Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystems Science (GoMOSES) Conference, and the triannual State of the Gulf Summit.  The virtual GoMCon preview emphasizes the intersection of scientific research and the management of Gulf Coast human and natural systems, the focus of the 2022 in-person conference.

The 3-hour virtual preview includes a keynote speaker and panels designed to present:

  • Where we are: the status of Gulf coastal and ocean research and restoration.
  • Where we are going: what science and research is needed to inform Gulf restoration and management.
  • How to get there: the funding needed to achieve necessary Gulf science and research.

The preview is an introduction to the main event, the in-person conference in 2022!  It is a great way to make sure researchers, coastal resource managers, and interested stakeholders have an opportunity to collaborate on managing this precious natural resource we call the Gulf of Mexico.

The event is free. For more information and to register, please visit the GoMCon website at

State of the Coast 2021
Jun 2 – Jun 4 all-day

The State of the Coast (SOC) Conference is the largest state-wide conference of its kind providing an interdisciplinary forum to exchange timely and relevant information on the dynamic conditions of Louisiana’s coastal communities, environment, and economy.

NMEA 2021 Conference @ Ala Moana Hotel
Jul 12 – Jul 16 all-day

NMEA’s mission is to make known the world of water both fresh and salt, and our annual conference brings together formal and informal marine educators from around the world to promote awareness and education of the global marine environment. The conference draws education professionals from schools and universities, aquariums and science centers, non-profit NGOs, and government agencies together for five days of learning, sharing, and networking.

CERF 2021 @ Greater Richmond Convention Center
Nov 7 – Nov 11 all-day

Mark your calendars for the CERF 2021 Conference in Richmond, VA 7-11 November 2021. Saty tuned for more information.