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Coastal Clips

Coastal Clips is the program’s quarterly newsletter. Subscribe electronically at to receive it each quarter in your email box. Or to get your copy in the mail, send your name and mailing address to [email protected].


E-mail Subscription Lists

Sea Grant also maintains three listservs that keep subscribers up-to-date with general notices as well as research funding announcements. To subscribe to one of the three listserves, click here.


Lagniappe Fisheries Newsletter

The Lagniappe fisheries newsletter focuses on two objectives, bringing the latest fisheries and fisheries related research to the public and printing all commercial and recreational fisheries rules changes as they occur. As the pace of fisheries science speeds up, the need for informed input by fisheries users into management systems has increased. Lagniappe facilitates that input by translating the latest fisheries research results from technical language into conversational language, without losing accuracy. The rapid pace of change is illustrated by the increasing complexity of fisheries resource harvesting rules and the rapidity with which they change. With its monthly printing schedule, Lagniappe is committed to announcing all rules changes that affect Louisianans, both in saltwater and freshwater. Delivered electronically, subscribe by sending an email to [email protected].