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Abbeville-area Students Attend Wetlands Day

Photo: Wetlands DayEighty-two third graders from Herod Elementary School and 15 eighth graders from Williams Scholars Academy learned about the environment during a Wetlands Day hosted by Louisiana Sea Grant (LSG) on Friday, Dec. 3, at Palmetto Island State Park.

Students learned how wetlands play a part in the survival of alligators and whooping cranes, studied how wetland organisms interact with each other, and got a closer look at a seine and how it is used to catch fish. Students also learned about the difference between native and invasive species and how each impacts the environment. Finally, students participated in an interactive hike where they encountered mystery boxes that contained species unique to the local environment.

Due to the pandemic, LSG was unable to host Ocean Commotion – which typically draws 2,000 students – at the Louisiana State University Baton Rouge campus this fall. In its place, LSG is taking a smaller version of Ocean Commotion – Wetlands Day – to schools in the coastal zone. The Abbeville-area Wetlands Day event is the second held so far this school year.