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Derelict Crab Trap Rodeos

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Prevention & Education

Tips for Preventing Derelict Crab Traps:

  1. Don’t intentionally cut buoy lines.
  2. Always check lines, knots, and buoys for proper function.
  3. Avoid setting traps in navigational areas
  4. Make sure traps haven’t drifted into areas of high traffic.
  5. Properly discard of unfishable traps.
  6. Attach a common float if you accidently sever someone else’s buoy line.
  7. Remove traps before predicted major weather events.
  8. If possible, use easily degradable cull rings or hog rings to prevent ghost fishing.
  9. Secure traps to boat while navigating.
  10. Report derelict traps.

** Remember, only the licensed tag holder or their agent can remove derelict traps.

Educational Materials: