LaNERR: Site Selection Process & Timeline

LaNERR: Site Selection Process & Timeline

Note: This timeline is subject to change. (Last updated: August 3, 2020.)

Photo: Field study in deltaSite Development

April – September 2020 (current phase)
December 2020 – February 2021

During this phase, proposed zones will be prescreened by the Site Designation Committee. Initial Candidate areas will be developed.



Photo: Pelican flyingRoadshow

October – November 2020

During this phase and overview of LaNERR Process will be presented to Stakeholders. These stakeholders will provide feedback on Proposed LaNERR areas.



Wax Lake DeltaTown Hall

March – May 2021

During this phase, presentations of Candidate Sites will be given to local communities in order to evaluate potential value of sites. Feedback will be given to the Site Evaluation Committee who will select the final site for nomination.