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Native Fish in the Classroom

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Teacher’s Guide & Lesson Plans

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Acknowledgements & Introduction
Section 1 : Background Information
Biology of the Paddlefish, Characteristics, Spawning, Feeding, Range, Habitat, Causes of Population Decline, Caviar Industry, Conservation
Aquatic Invasive Species
Fisheries Management
Roles of Hatcheries
• What is a Hatchery? Why are Hatcheries Important? Booker Fowler Fish Hatchery
Interesting Facts
Section 2 : Aquarium Setup and Maintenance
Equipment for Aquarium Setup and Maintenance, Aquarium Setup, Logbook, Water Quality Monitoring, How to Change the Water, Vacuuming, Incubation Jar Setup, Fry Basket/Nursery Setup, Feeding, How to Use the Automatic Feeder, Daphnia spp. Setup, Problem Solving
Section 3 : Appendices
Appendix I: Lesson Plans
Water Quality
• My Fish Ride a (Nitrogen) Cycle
General Information on Paddlefish
• Snagging Paddlefish Information
Critical Conditions for Paddlefish Spawning
How Old Is that Fish?
Effects on Paddlefish Populations
• Extirpated? Don’t You Mean Extinct?
• What a Nuisance!
Do Dams Affect the Paddlefish Population?
Paddlefish Growth, Development and Behavior
• How Fast Do Paddlefish Grow?
Comparing Eggs and Embryos
Life Cycles of the Wet and Wiggly 
Pass the Water Fleas, Please
Appendix II : References
Appendix III : Louisiana Learning Standards, Grade Level Expectations Matrix for Lesson Plans and Definitions of Louisiana Learning Standards
Appendix IV : Glossary
Appendix V : Paddlefish Status Chart, Fry Diagram, Aquatic Hours Sheet and Water Quality Monitoring Log (1.05MB PDF)