Image: Scope-on-a-Rope logo.Scope-On-A-Rope miniature, self-lighted video camera with interchangeable magnifying “objective” lenses. The SOAR can be used for exciting classroom demonstrations that would normally require a microscope and other sophisticated equipment. It is extremely easy to use in the normal classroom setting, but can perform advanced microscopy functions as well.

The LSU Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program manages the Scope-On-A-Rope program for Louisiana Science teachers. Cindy Henk, Director of the Socolofsky Microscopy Center is tirelessly working to ensure that SOAR technology is ideally suited for use in educational settings. She has recently posted a great web site on how to maximize your viewing experience with SOAR. It contains simple lesson ideas, images, helpful tips, etc.

The LSU/HHMI Program hosts SOAR workshops statewide for interested educators. These hands-on sessions are full of standards-based activities and are free of charge! Teachers can sign up to receive the SOAR quarterly newsletter highlighting current events and upcoming workshops.

For information about this terrific tool and lending program, check out the official Scope-on-a-Rope Web site at, contact Sheri Wishchsen, LSU SOAR coordinator, [email protected] / (225-578-7627) or locate a satellite program near you.

Louisiana Sea Grant also has lesson plans to accompany this program.