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Presidents’ Forum: January 25, 2005

1st Presidents’ Forum on Meeting Coastal Challenges

January 25, 2005 Forum:

  • Meeting Minutes (382KB PDF)
  • Meeting Summary (88KB PDF) – Courtesy Sonia Ladhan, Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology, University of New Orleans
  • Coastal Challenges poster (4.08MB PDF)

Science Panel Presentations:

Intro Slides (47KB PowerPoint Presentation)

A Century of Coastal Degradation and Our Current Approach to Restoration (7.74MB PowerPoint Presentation) — Robert Twilley

Using Technology to Illustrate the Realities of Hurricane Vulnerability (6.31MB PowerPoint Presentation) – Ivor van Heerden

  •  Hurricane Pam Exercise 2004 (52.97MB animation; 17 seconds)
  •  Hurricane Lili Storm Surge (2003) (18.33MB animation; 6 seconds)
  •  Chemical Release During Hurricane Lili (2003) (3.96MB animation; 5 seconds)

The Changing Face and Elevations of Coastal Louisiana (30.04MB PowerPoint Presentation) – Tim Osborn

Geographic Information Systems: A Tool for Addressing Coastal Challenges (25.70MB PowerPoint Presentation) – DeWitt Braud

The Evolution of Marine Extension and Socioeconomic Research (5.61MB PowerPoint Presentation) – Rex Caffey