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Research Funded Graduate Students

Research Funded Graduate Students

Photo-Blank-FemaleStephanie Bernasconi is pursuing a master of science degree from the School of Renewable Natural Resources at Louisiana State University. Her research will attempt to quantify the effects of food availability, water quality and sediment concentration on the eastern oyster’s feeding efficiency and growth in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The data will be useful in determining whether C. virginica populations will be greatly affected by predicted trends in global climate change. After graduation, she plans to continue to research how climate change can affect estuarine environments.

Marianne-DietzMarianne Dietz is pursuing a Ph.D. in paleotempestology at Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science. Her dissertation research will use multiple geochemical proxies to reconstruct a record of pre-historic hurricane strikes on the Pacific coast of Mexico. This region of the world has experienced numerous severe storms in recent decades, but past hurricane activity in this area has not been fully explored. Upon graduation, she hopes to work in a government research facility as a geochemist.

Alejandra-Breve-FerrariAlejandra Brevé Ferrari is pursuing a Master of Science degree from Louisiana State University in agricultural economics. Her research focuses on the economic resilience of local governments in Louisiana following a natural disaster. She is trying to determine optimal debris management by analyzing historical data from federally declared natural disasters and using system dynamics modelling. Following graduation, she plans to earn a doctorate in public policy and continue her research on economic resilience and economic development.