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UROP: 2010 Funded Projects

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

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Funded Projects: 2010

Student Project Title Faculty Sponsor
Ben Bernard
Carl Brown
Ryan Gautreaux
Joshua Hess
Nicholas Ledet
Jeremy Meyers
Blaine Fuselier
Louisiana State University
Investigation of storm surge and its impact on buildings using a new rapidly deployable sensor Dr. Marc Levitan
Dr. Carol Friedland
Gary Decossas
Louisiana State University
Does increased oyster reef complexity affect predation success of juvenile Pogonias cromis and Cynoscion nebulosus on Palaemonetes pugio and Panopeus herbstii? Dr. Megan La Peyre
Danielle Edwards
Louisiana State University
Biomarkers of skin cancer risk in environmental & coastal workers Dr. Vincent Wilson
Michelle Felterman
Nicholls State University
The effect of methyl farnesoate on epidermal ecdysteroid signaling in vivo in the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator Dr. Enmin Zou
Jessica Harrison
Louisiana State University
Evaluating sediment development and sea-level rise in a wetland landscape of the ancient Maya of southern Belize Dr. Heather McKillop
Olivia LeBlanc
Louisiana State University
Comparison of microalgal biomass after extraction with different solvents Dr. Kelly Rusch
Bryant Meyer
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Pilot studies on the potential for using sugar mill wastewaters to mix culture cyanobacteria and microalgae for biomass and lipid production Dr. Barbara Benson
Natalie Mills
Louisiana State University
Establishment of sperm concentration in aquatic species as a direct method to quantify flow cytometry analysis Dr. Terrence Tiersch Dr. Jonathan Daly
Austin Nijhuis
Tulane University
Quantifying wetland accretion rates in the Mississippi Delta using recent crevasse-splay deposits as natural analogs for river diversions Dr. Torbjörn Törnqvist
James Peterson
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Salinity exposure duration on coastal wetland plants Dr. Jenneke Visser