Geographic Impact of a HurricaneHurricanes



For Kids

NOAA – Create-A-Cane
Make your own hurricane by changing wind, latitude, moisture and sea temperature.

NOAA – Aim a Hurricane 
A simulation game that shows how winds, highs and lows work together to determine where a hurricane will strike.

Weather Wizkids – Hurricanes
Simply describes with labelled visuals hurricane formation and season, storm surge and past storms.

Miami Museum of Science   Hurricane Storm Science
Basic information about hurricanes and history of hurricanes. Also includes forecasts, preparation and risks including a game for necessary supplies


Videos & Animations

National Geographic: Hurricanes 101 (video)

Sister Storms: A Louisiana Sea Grant Response (video)
This video chronicles the professional response and personal stories of three Marine Extension agents living and working in the areas affected by the storms

Sister Storms: Revisited (video)
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina and Rita Louisiana Sea Grant.

Geographic Impact of Hurricanes (video)
This hurricane mapping activity is designed to show the geographic reach of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the relative area affected by the two hurricanes could impact other parts of the country if they were struck by a similar natural disaster.

USA Today – Evolution of a Hurricane (animation)

CBS News – How Hurricanes Form (animation)

Hurricane Katrina’s Lifespan IR Animation (animation)

Storm Surge Animations from NOAA’s SLOSH model (animation)


Lessons & Activities for Teachers

NOAA – Education Resources: Hurricanes
Background information about hurricane formation, histories and tracks, FAQs, lessons, Sandy image viewer, hurricane damage assessment and multimedia.

The Bridge – Sea Grant Ocean Sciences Education Center Lesson Plans

National Wildlife Federation – Hurricanes and Climate – Grades 6-9
Several lessons where students investigate maps and data to learn about the connections between hurricanes and climate, including regional climate conditions where hurricanes form and how global climate change may be affecting hurricanes.

NEA – Hurricane Season
Compiled resources, activities and lesson plans for Grades K-5 from several sources.

New York Times and  The Learning Network
Teaching and learning about Hurricanes

AAAS  ScienceNetLinks
Hurricanes 1: The Science of Hurricanes 
Hurricanes 2: Tracking Hurricanes.

COSEE and SEACOOS: The Surge of the Storm

Earth System Science Education Alliance: Hurricane Katrina: A problem-based

Teaching and learning about Hurricanes