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Law & Policy Program: Legal Interns & Externs

The SGLPP is a great opportunity for law students to gain hands-on experience on a wide range of coastal and environmental issues. Up to six students work under the supervision of staff attorneys in our LSU Campus office.

Two options are available for students. The intern program allows students to work for an hourly salary, while the extern program provides students with course credit. Both interns and externs work on similar projects and have the same duties (both will be referred to as interns for the remainder of this page). Legal interns act as research assistants to the Director and Research Associate. They conduct research and produce documents on natural resource, ocean, and coastal law issues. Publication opportunities can be articles for the SGLPP’s Louisiana Coastal Law newsletter or in a law review. Law review articles can focus on topics tailored to the intern’s interest, though it also must be relevant to the SGLPP’s mission and focus on a natural resource, ocean or coastal law issue. SGLPP law clerks are encouraged to follow in this endeavor should they express an interest in obtaining publication credits.

Additional information can be found in our Legal Intern & Extern – Frequently Asked Questions document. If you are interested in applying for the legal intern or extern program, please contact Melissa Daigle at [email protected] or (225) 578-9968.

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