Fisheries Fellowship

Fisheries Fellowship

Note: Student applications are due to Sea Grant Programs by 5:00 pm, CST, January 26, 2018.

The Fisheries Fellowship, a partnership between NOAA Fisheries and Sea Grant, provides multi-year funding support for current PhD graduate students. The support, awarded in the form of a grant or cooperative agreement provides for salary, living expenses, tuition and necessary travel. In addition, students will also be mentored by a NOAA Fisheries expert, who will serve on their committee and may provide additional data or lab space

The fellowship targets two specific areas of resource management: population dynamics and economics. Students interested in population and ecosystem dynamics of living marine resources can receive up to three years of funding. Students interested in resource economics are eligible for up to two years of funding.

How to Apply
Applications are due from candidates by Jan. 26, 2018, at 5:00PM CST. Applications must be submitted to Louisiana Sea Grant via its online eSeaGrant system. Required items are detailed in the funding opportunity description linked below:

Evaluation criteria for Fisheries Fellowship applications are as follows:

  • Academic record and evidence of quantitative coursework (30 percent)
  • Statement of education and career goals (10 percent)
  • Quality of project and applicability (30 percent)
  • Recommendations and/or endorsements (20 percent)
  • Diversity of education, extra-curricular activities, awards, and communication skills (10 percent)

Program Contact
For detailed application information, visit the Fisheries Fellowship website or contact the agency fellowship coordinator at [email protected]; 301-734-1083.

For questions regarding application submission, contact Katie Lea at [email protected]: 225-578-6445.