BWET Teacher Workshop

BWET Teacher Workshop

Changes in the Pontchartrain Basin

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Climate change’s impact on the wetlands can readily be seen through flooding, saltwater intrusion, loss of wetland habitats, and increases in water temperature. Teachers will have the opportunity to see and hear how these changes are occurring and distinguish the impacts that are being made in the Pontchartrain Basin (PB). Because the majority of the PB is being directly impacted by rising sea levels, natural events, and other impacts of climate change, this workshop will explore areas that have been impacted the most by climate change. This region is not only seeing changes physically, but they are experiencing changes in their livelihood. Homes that were once protected from rising waters are not flooding. Workers who depend on the wetlands and the ecosystem have difficulty providing for their families. Farmers in low-lying areas face drainage issues that were not prevalent in previous years. These changes place governmental agencies on high alert for the next potential disaster and create new ways to preserve their communities. This professional development aims to increase awareness about climate change implications for Louisiana and help teachers strategize effective activities that foster a stewardship ethos. We will explore the positive and negative influences humans exert on the environment.

Throughout this professional development, K-12 science and social studies teachers who work directly with English Learners (ELs) will be provided with strategies to help improve EL academic language in their subject, provide best teaching practices for ELs, and provide valuable hands-on learning to make the information relevant to students. Teachers will examine how cultural differences can impact a student’s education and how to meet these needs. EL specialists will demonstrate to teachers how to use EL strategies and create lesson plans to meet the need of EL students. The specialists will bring their knowledge of language acquisition, effective EL strategies, and their classroom expertise in teaching EL students.

This is a two-year professional development opportunity. The first year will examine the changes and impacts in the northern portion of the basin, the second year will explore the southern portion. Preference will be given to teachers who can commit to both years of the project, but we know that scheduling is always a challenge, and the 2024 dates will not be set until the end of 2023.

Program Highlights:

  • Learn skills and strategies for teaching ELLs
  • Work alongside subject matter experts
  • Explore the different habitats in the basin and examine the changes that have occurred
  • Have facilitated, guided lesson plan development
  • Receive continuing education credit
  • All lodging, meals, and activities are included at no cost to the participant
  • $300 in participant stipends (per year)

Application Deadline: Due to limited spaces, the priority deadline is March 3, 2023

To apply:

Program Contact: Jennifer Cook, [email protected]