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Note: Applications were due on Sept. 30, 2020 by 5 p.m. CDT.

GRS Announcement 2020

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Louisiana Sea Grant is providing a coastal immersion program that combines community engagement and science communication training. Select students will participate in a series of activities highlighting the needs of coastal residents and the importance of responsive, integrated research initiatives.

Scholars will gain new awareness of community perspectives on issues and challenges facing the state’s coast in the future. This experience will hopefully inspire new research connections, provide communication tools to raise awareness and share other professional development opportunities. Trainings, lodging, meals and transportation will be provided by Louisiana Sea Grant at no cost to the students.

Outreach and communications are a priority for Louisiana Sea Grant; however, we don’t want to risk the health of any participants, stakeholders, family or friends. Therefore, we are designing our program around a series of progressively building engagements. Instruction will begin in a virtual format, then (assuming public health guidance allows) we will transition to small group field excursions and ultimately culminate the GRS experience with a final culminating event. Below is the timeline for events and participation requirements:

Fall 2020
Three Evening Virtual Meetings – each 75 minutes in duration (must attend all three)

    • October 20 or 21 evening
    • November 17 or 18 evening
    • December 15 or 16 evening

Spring 2021
Two-Day Small Group Field Trips (need to attend only one trip)

    • To be scheduled according to participant availability
    • Trips will be offered in February, March, April and May

Summer 2021
Final Group Event (dependent on state meeting guidance)

For more information or to apply contact: Dani DiIullo