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Louisiana Sea Grant and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) are assessing current land use planning and practices of the coastal environment as it pertains to the ability of the state and local governments to respond to coastal crisis. They are identifying gaps where sufficient powers are lacking and supplying information to land use planners to allow them to promote land use planning and zoning as a necessary element in addressing natural hazard mitigation and coastal land loss issues.

LSG staff member Dr. Rod Emmer is aiding community officials throughout the coastal zone in addressing hazard mitigation issues in the wakes of 2005’s storms. Emmer is leading a team of experts in coastal zone and floodplain management with the intent of helping local officials navigate and implement state and federal regulations during the Katrina/Rita rebuilding process. Emmer has led many similar teams focused on environmental studies, impacts and coastal zone management practices. (Summer 2006)

Patricia Skinner, disaster programs coordinator for the LSU AgCenter, joined the Louisiana Sea Grant family and continues working as a leader in the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN), chairing the Floodproofing and Retrofitting Committee of the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) and helping communities and citizens understand flood damage prevention and the regulatory and insurance aspects of the National Flood Insurance Program. Her educational outreach activities include promoting the Louisiana House and expanding the program into the coastal communities. (Spring 2006)

LSG personnel Hamady Diop, Rex Caffey and Mike Liffmann worked with the Louisiana Department of Economic Development in developing a Seafood Community Rebuilding Plan. The plan focuses on rebuilding fishing and processing infrastructure and getting commercial fishing boats back into the water. (Spring 2006)

Beginning in late winter, LSG’s Communications office began ongoing updates of LSG’s marina directory. Posted on the Internet, the updates keep recreational fishermen and boaters informed on what marinas are open or closed following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. (2005-2006)
Marine Extension agent Glenn Thomas developed a fact sheet on proper construction of borrow ponds, which are increasing in number as builders excavate portions of construction sites to elevate new homes as a flood mitigation tool. The information sheet outlines proper pond excavation and construction methods, and highlights federal regulations concerning home elevations in flood zones.