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Reflections on Chandeleur

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Visit these links for more information on lighthouses and the Chandeleur Islands.

Photo: Chandeleur Island view

Beyond the Fields We Know
•  Chandeleur Light

Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA)
• Chandeleur Islands Marsh Restoration

Historic Maps
• Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, 1700s and 1800s
• Louisiana, 1861
• Louisiana Indian Land Cessions, 1899
 Office of Coast Survey Historical Map and Chart Project

Library of Congress
• Theodore Roosevelt, Friend of the Birds

Lighthouse Friends
• Chandeleur Island, La.
• Louisiana Lighthouses

Photo: Chandeleur LighthouseThe Lighthouse People
• Images of All Standing Lighthouses in the U.S.
• Photographs of Louisiana Lighthouses

NASA Earth Observatory
• Chandeleur Islands

NOAA Photo Library
• Chandeleur Islands Restoration Project

National Wildlife Refuge Association
• The Bird Conservation Scene

Asbury Sallenger
• The First Line of Defense: Louisiana’s Barrier Islands

U.S. Coast Guard
• Historic Light Station Information and Photography

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Breton National Wildlife Refuge
• Breton National Wildlife Refuge pamphlet

U.S. Geological Survey
Before and After Hurricane Gustav Images – Chandeleur Islands
Hurricane Katrina: Before and After Photo Comparisons, Chandeleur Islands
Hurricane Katrina Photographs August 30, 2005
• Hurricane Gustav: Pre- and Post-Storm Photo Comparisons, Chandeleur Islands
• Louisiana Barrier Islands: A Vanishing Resource
• Louisiana Barrier Island Erosion Study: Atlas of Shoreline Changes in Louisiana from 1853 to 1989
• Northern Gulf of Mexico Project, Post-Gustav Chandeleur Islands

University of New Orleans
• Shea Penland Coastal Education & Research Facility