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Coastal Connections at Nicholls – Infographic Challenge

Louisiana Sea Grant hosted the Coastal Connections Infographic Challenge at Nicholls State University on Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 6 p.m. in the Bollinger Suite of the Bollinger Memorial Student Union. The competition was open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Nicholls conducting coastal research—including, but not limited to the fields of anthropology, biology, design, ecology, economics, engineering, geography, geology, history and sociology.

In this competition, students used a mixture of visual imagery and text to effectively communicate their research findings. An infographic is a tool that combines imagery, text and statistical figures to easily convey a subject. They help communicate information quickly and clearly. This Coastal Connections Competition focuses on the ability of students to consolidate their ideas, crystalize their research discoveries and share them using the power of visual media.

Image: Infographic poster, Claire Boudreaux

Claire Boudreaux
Turtle free Traps: Sustainable Crabbing for the Future
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Applications Timeline

  • March 17: Final date to pre-register for the competition (final submission instructions will follow)
  • March 21: E-mail posters to Hannah Bellone ([email protected]) for printing
  • March 23: Come for a reception, view infographic posters, and hear about other student opportunities.
    (Note: event attendance is not required for award consideration)
  • March 30: Awardees announced

Judging Criteria

Infographics will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Content: is the infographic informative, does it contain original research, is the subject matter compelling
  • Creativity: does the infographic draw the audience in, is information presented in interesting ways to tell a story, does the format/layout flow well
  • Design: does the infographic adequately balance substance and style, is it visually appealing, are fonts and figures legible
Image: Infographic poster, Shasta Kamara

Shasta Kamara
Preserving Coastal Louisiana: One Terrace at a Time!
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Louisiana Sea Grant will offer travel awards of $500 to the top three students based on effective presentation. These travel awards are for professional meetings or development opportunities that would allow the students to cultivate skills for sharing their research. These awards are to be used for meetings within a year from the Coastal Connections competition.

Competition Rules

  • One infographic per student.
  • Students can work together, but would be required to share any award.
  • Poster size should be 18” x 24” (or 24” x 18”).
  • Infographics can be presented in either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • This document must stand alone. No URLs links, QR codes, etc.
  • Research must pertain to the coast, but not necessarily coastal Louisiana.
  • The final document must be a PDF, but it can be created using any software.
  • You do not need to be present on March 23rd. 

Competition Contact: Hannah Bellone ([email protected])

Image: Infographic poster, Elizabeth Myers

Elizabeth Myers
Backbone of the Estuary
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2023 Competition Winners

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