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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not conducting research in a science field, can I still participate?
Coastal Connections is a research communication competition. We accept applicants from all departments that are doing work in coastal regions. Past participants have studied anthropology, design, geography, economics and sociology.

I’m in my first year of research, so don’t really have any results to present. Should I still participate or wait a year?
Competitive presentations are not always those that contain research results. This competition is about telling the story of your research, and some of the best stories don’t always have neat and tidy endings. What we as the audience want to see is that you’ve thought through the implications of your research project. Even if there is little data to back it up.

I’ve competed in a past competition at my university, can I apply again?
Yes, with a caveat. You need to present new material to the judges. The infographic should represent a new and different aspect of your research, not just a modification of the previous poster you submitted.

I’m an undergraduate student, can I still compete?
This competition is primarily for graduate students, however, at certain universities exceptions are made to admit undergraduates. Each university’s site-specific page will indicate whether they will expand the applicant pool to undergraduates.

How do I apply?
Each competition has a one-page application, which includes a 250-word description of your research. Similar to the actual presentation, this description should be written for a general, non-specialist audience. Applications will be reviewed by an external panel with the top 12 finalists going on to compete in the competition.

There is no competition at my university, can I participate in one close to me?
Most competitions are specific to the research community at the host campus, meaning they are closed to outside participants. Occasionally, some allowances are made and will be listed on each university’s site-specific page. If there is interest in bringing the competition to your campus, please contact the competition coordinator, Dani DiIullo ([email protected]).

When do I have to spend the travel award money by?
You have one year from the time you win the competition to spend the money. If there is a particular conference you are hoping to attend outside that competition date, contact the competition coordinator about making an exception.