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REACH Mentorship Certificate

REACH Mentorship Certificate

The mentor-protégé relationship is integral to research, project development and participant growth. Protégés conducting research outside of a classroom require guidance and support from a mentor or team of mentors. Individuals often find themselves thrust into the mentor role, with little to no formal training and base their guidance on their own experiences as a protégé. This approach may not work for all audiences.


Learning to work in diverse teams is integral to research and to mentoring. Diverse teams may have challenges, but have been shown to be more productive and generate higher quality work. By integrating diversity, equity and inclusion practices into a formal mentor training, mentors are better prepared to work in and lead diverse teams and research quality and output is increased.

Louisiana Sea Grant, in collaboration with the LSU College of the Coast and Environment and the LSU College of Science, is proud to offer the REACH Mentorship Certification. The program is led by Dani Dilullo (LA Sea Grant), Dr. Malinda Sutor (CCE/DOCS), Dr. Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy (COS) and Dr. Tyrslai Williams-Carter (LSU Graduate School). This program is open to all Louisiana graduate students engaged in scientific research who may serve in a mentor capacity (either current or future). The certificate program consists of the following components:

    1. An eight-hour mentor training workshop (offered every semester through LSU)
    2. A guided practical mentorship. Each practicum will be individually designed by the mentor and the certificate program administrator(s) based on the level of the protégé and the time period of the mentorship. Mentorship practica will include protégé research, presentation of research results and other professional development activities (i.e. writing a CV, designing a poster, career goal setting, etc.)
    3. A reflection activity and overall analysis of the mentor experience

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  • Reflect on personal experiences contributing to your self and group identity as it pertains to ability, class, gender, and racial diversity
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue and developmental activities with your protégé
  • Advocate for inclusive environments that meet protege’s needs and aspirations in their journey to becoming STEM scholars
  • Commit to providing resources, access, and support that lead to equitable experiences affecting your protégé
  • Highlight your protege’s successes and accomplishments in both the mentor-protégé relationship and larger community

Formal mentor training and a guided practicum can help to create a better mentor-protégé experience for all involved and enhance the research process. For any questions about the certificate, please contact Dani DiIullo at [email protected].


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Mentor Training Certificate Workshop

In this one-day workshop, graduate students will develop foundational skills for good mentorship, particularly when working with diverse audiences. Participation is free and lunch is provided.

  • When: Saturday, May 11 from 9 am – 4 pm (registration desk will open at 8:30 am)
  • Where: Capital Chamber Room 329 in LSU Student

Please register by May 6 to ensure that we have enough food for all attendees.

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For more questions about the training, please contact Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy at [email protected].