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Louisiana Sea Grant’s Job Postings

  • Alternative Oyster Culture Grants Program Outreach Coordinator
    This position is an essential part of the Louisiana Sea Grant Alternative Oyster Culture (AOC) Program Initiative and will be the principal extension-type liaison with the AOC oystermen to help facilitate their efforts to develop a successful business on a statewide level. The requirements and duties include: oyster industry education and experience and coordination of trainings, meetings and workshops, assisting with development of best practices for the industry, acting as a liaison with the Louisiana Sea Grant Hatchery, and a working knowledge of appropriate habitats, methods, regulations, licensing and marketing for AOC oysters.
  • Oyster Hatchery Operations Manager
    This position is responsible for the management of the hatchery facility and associated systems at the La. Sea Grant Oyster Research Laboratory for the production of oyster larvae and seed in Grand Isle, LA.
  • Oyster Hatchery Research Associate
    The research associates will be required to support hatchery operations in all facets, including: collecting, maintaining, and cleaning broodstock oysters, supporting activities in larvae rearing (cleaning larval rearing tanks, sorting larvae and performing larval counts, maintaining algal cultures, cleaning and inoculating tanks, operating various laboratory equipment), collecting samples and processing data, accurately determining counts of oyster seed, assisting in oyster farm & cage maintenance, maintaining various gear types, removing fouling organisms, and other basic laboratory skills. Other duties as assigned.
  • Research Associate 4
    The Research Associate 4 will work in the Transboundary Aquatic and Coastal Ecology lab in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences and with Louisiana Sea Grant to apply advanced knowledge in all research aspects of the Proof of Concept Testing and BRD vs. BRD testing. This includes: trips on the vessels as well as all research design, data input, data management, data analysis, communication of messaging resulting from the research component, research report summaries, and updates to NOAA and the working group as required. Vehicle operation is required.

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