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LaTer Direct Seafood Opens Facebook Marketplace

A new marketplace for members of the commercial seafood industry in the Lafourche-Terrebonne area wanting to sell their wares directly to consumers is now open on Facebook.

Photo: LaTer Direct Seafood

LaTer Direct Seafood now has a home on Facebook where commercial fishermen, docks and processors can market their products. Louisiana Sea Grant/LSU AgCenter marine extension agent welcomes those in the seafood industry – as well as consumers – to participate.

The Facebook group – – was established by Louisiana Sea Grant/LSU AgCenter marine extension agent Haley Gambill as a means for local commercial fishermen, docks and processors to connect with customers in an online environment. Similar efforts were made years ago through a direct sales website, but the site never really took-off.

“I saw that some fishermen were attempting to sell their catch through Facebook,” Gambill said. “Since the direct sales website wasn’t being used by them, I thought that maybe a Facebook group would be one way to help them sell more of their product. Through this group, customers won’t have to search multiple Facebook pages to find seafood. They can find it all in this one spot.”

Essentially, Gambill’s objective is to streamline the direct sales process for those wishing to sell their product. And since she’s only been on the job for four months, she also hopes the group will serve as a means to meet and engage members of the industry.

“My hope is that fostering these connections within the seafood industry will lead to stronger community connections as well,” she said.

There are some rules for those who want to join the group:

  • Members cannot post prices. They should post product available, dates and locations of availability, as well as their contact information.
  • All state and federal regulations must be met to promote the product. This includes any licenses/certificates, such as from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Louisiana Department of Health, local vendor licenses and state/local sales tax permits.
  • And the group prohibits off topic postings, including any political posts, as well as videos.

“Once we have some industry members posting to the group, we can begin promoting the group as a great place where consumers near and far can find fresh, local seafood at affordable prices,” Gambill said. “It’s a winning combination for everyone.”

Gambill can be reached at [email protected].