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The Adventures of Happy and Big Wanda: Backyard Bayou
Join best-selling children’s author Happy Johnson for a reading of Backyard Bayou. Learn about the importance of Louisiana wetlands, how they have been changing and what students can do to help.

Lake Pontchartrain Salinity Stratification
In this lesson, students will learn about coastal estuarine habitats, how salinity can vary vertically in a given place and why parts of Lake Pontchartrain aren’t fully mixed.

Oh No! Hannah’s Swamp is Changing
The book Oh No! Hannah’s Swamp is Changing introduces students to an ever-growing problem of nonindigenous, or non-native, species facing Louisiana.

Phytoplankton in Lake Pontchartrain: How the Bonnet Carré Spillway opening affects populations
In this lesson, students will learn about how phytoplankton in Lake Pontchartrain fluctuate throughout the year and how the opening of the Bonnet Carré Spillway can affect those cycles.

Wax Lake Delta
In this lesson, students will use quadrant grids (elementary school) or coordinate planes (middle school) to document dramatic changes that happened to Wax Lake Delta over the span of a month. Students will then hypothesize what has caused this change.