Manatee & Marine Mammal Resources

Manatee & Marine Mammal Resources

Endangered: In the Wild: Oceans
Information on the West Indian Manatee, including: photos, range status, natural history, causes of endangerment, conservation actions and activities

Florida Manatee
Good easy-to-absorb information for kids

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries: Rare Animals of Louisiana
Fact sheet for download as a PDF available.

Manatee Viewing Hot Spots
Information about the best places to find a manatee, how to approach them correctly and other viewing tips

Manatee – Web Site for Manatee Watchers
General information on manatees, includes links, viewing information and photos

National Marine Mammal Laboratory
NOAA research on marine mammals

Save the Manatee Club
Information, news and tips about manatees, educational materials, links, photos, slide shows, photos, manatee quiz and how to adopt a manatee

SeaWorld Resources
Use the search to find manatee information, photos, teacher’s guides and classroom activities

Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Information on common and rare marine mammals in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Endangered Species
Technical overview of Florida manatees with references

Whale Net: Wheelock College and the National Science Foundation
Interactive educational website focusing on whales and marine research,
information for students and teachers and a lesson bank

Whale Songs
Educational center on whales and people includes whale information, lesson plans, and a great 40 question trivia