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Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects


Omnibus Research Projects


The Louisiana Sea Grant College Program (LSG) intends to support six research projects for the funding period beginning Feb. 1, 2020. A synopsis of the projects, along with a list of the principal investigators and their affiliations are available by following the links below.

Funded Omnibus Research Projects:



Resilient Communities Projects

Louisiana Sea Grant announced it is funding five new projects concentrating on the program’s Resilient Communities focus area. One is a research project and the others are scientific synthesis efforts – where existing data is used to develop new models to explain or test a problem. Below is a synopsis of the two-year projects, along with a list of the investigators and their affiliations.

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Oil-Spill-Sand2Oil Spill Dispersants

Three Louisiana State University scientists received a $500,000, three-year grant from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency to study the feasibility of producing “green” dispersants for future oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.

LSU AgCenter faculty Andrew Nyman and Chris Green and AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant faculty member Brian LeBlanc began their research in 2012. Their project – titled: Bacillus subtilis Biosurfactants with Potentially Lower Environmental Impact for Salt Water Applications – includes collaborations with Iowa State and Colombia universities.

The study will attempt to produce oil dispersants that have less of an impact on the wetland environment.

Objectives & Background of Oil Spill Dispersants Research >


Ocean Science Assistantship Program (OSAP)

In 2015, the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program was able to fund the Ocean Science Assistantship Program (OSAP) with generous support from Shell. This program provides student support for two years of Master’s-level research  relevant to environmental, social, and economic issues associated with oil and gas activities in deep-water environments (shelf ecosystems).

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