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Gieseler Joins Oyster Hatchery Team

Photo: Sarah GieselerSarah Gieseler has joined the Louisiana Sea Grant team as a research associate at the Voisin Oyster Hatchery on Grand Isle. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in coastal environmental science. Before joining Sea Grant, she worked across the country and abroad as an ocean lifeguard and recreation leader in places like the Bahamas, Florida, Hawaii, and a private Caribbean Island.

Gieseler said she’s thrilled to have found a career in her home state that combines her love of the Gulf Coast, marine science and Louisiana seafood. Gieseler hopes to take advantage of the knowledge and mentorship available to her and to engage in the region’s aquaculture community. She is especially interested in oyster aquaculture, which she believes will play an important role in environmental restoration and the preservation of the Gulf Coast’s way of life.

“I’m excited to be a part of the growing role of shellfish aquaculture as a source of economic opportunity, sustainable seafood and coastal restoration,” she said.