Advisory Council Meeting – October 30, 2015

Advisory Council Meeting – October 30, 2015

Council Booklet Materials

1. Introduction

A. Cover page with agenda
B. Directory of Louisiana Sea Grant Advisory Council

2. Strategic Initiatives

A. Draft 2018-2021 Goals and Strategies
B. Scoring Sheet for Advisory Council Feedback
C. Louisiana Sea Grant Strategic Plan: 2014-2018
B. National Sea Grant Office Strategic Plan: 2014-2017

3. Louisiana Sea Grant National Site Review – Results

A. Twilley Presentation
B. Site Review Schedule
C. Site Review Booklet
D. Site Review Report

4. Sea Grant Organization

A. Listing of Sea Grant Personnel
B. Maps of extension offices and university partners
C. Louisiana Sea Grant Organizational Chart

5. Louisiana Sea Grant Accomplishments

A. Program Review Panel Briefing Document
B. “What is Sea Grant” pubs
C. Summary of Project Initiatives
D. Current and Previous Omnibus Research Projects
E. Summary of Sea Grant Impacts