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Coastal Connections at UNO — TikTok Challenge

Louisiana Sea Grant will host the Coastal Connections competition for University of New Orleans graduate students this Fall 2021 as part of Innovate UNO week events. The competition is open to UNO graduate students conducting scientific research.

In this competition students will create a TikTok video to effectively communicate their research findings. The Coastal Connections competition will focus on the ability of students to effectively and creatively explain their research in a 60 second (or less) TikTok video.

Image: Coastal Connections Infographic Challenge at UNO

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Application Timeline

Judging Criteria

TikTok videos will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Content: is the video informative, does it contain original research, is the subject matter compelling
  • Creativity: does the video draw the audience in, is information presented in interesting ways to tell a story, does the format/layout flow well
  • Effective Use of Media: does the video adequately balance substance and style, is it visually appealing


Louisiana Sea Grant will offer travel awards of $500 to the top three students. These travel awards are for professional meetings or development opportunities that would allow the students to cultivate skills for sharing their research. These awards are to be used for meetings within a year from the Coastal Connections competition.

Competition Rules

  • All submissions must conform to TikTok Terms of Service (so no profanity, nudity, …).
  • Use of copyrighted music and/or imagery is prohibited.
  • Videos must be shot in a vertical format and not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Only one submission per person.
  • No PowerPoint slides.
  • Live action, animations, or performers are acceptable.
  • The challenge is open to all UNO graduate students conducting scientific research.
  • Original research must be the focus of the TikTok video (essentially the research the student is conducting).
  • Videos must be posted for no less than 30 days.
  • Submissions need to be submitted to Sea Grant by Nov. 5.

Competition Contact: Dani DiIullo ([email protected])