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La SciComm Summit: Application

Louisiana SciComm Summit

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Image: La SciComm Summit, Spring 2022

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Applications were due on Friday, February 18, 2022 at 4:00 CST

To attend the Louisiana SciComm Summit, graduate students need to complete the Louisiana SciComm Application form. Applications will be reviewed and ranked based on the quality of the responses. Applicants should assume that the reviewers are science literate but not experts in any particular field. Limit the use of jargon and technical terms in favor for clear, more relatable language.

Application Timeline:

  • Application period opens: January of 2022
  • Application deadline: February 18, 2022
  • Notice of Acceptance: late February of 2022

Louisiana SciComm Summit Application (Adobe Acrobat fillable form)

Once accepted, participants of the Louisiana SciComm Summit will be required to complete both a pre- and post-workshop survey and submit a draft of a project (blog, podcast, press release, video, graphic, etc.) designed to make their research more relatable to a general audience. This draft will serve as a product to work on during the Summit.

Please return application forms to Dani DiIullo at [email protected]