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BRD Manuals

Currently, there are five certified BRDs for use in the Gulf of Mexico — Fisheye, Jones Davis, Modifies Jones Davis, Cone Fish Deflector Composite Panel, Square Mesh Panel Composite Panel.

1. Fisheye

Image: Fisheye BRD manual

Fisheye Bycatch Reduction Device for the Gulf of Mexico EEZ
The fisheye bycatch reduction device (BRD) is a simple and effective design installed in the codend of a shrimp trawl to provide an opening for fish to escape from the net. The fisheye BRD has been found to have 37 percent bycatch elimination and 90 percent shrimp retention by weight when properly installed.

Download Fisheye BRD Manual >

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2. Jones Davis

coming soon

3. Modifies Jones Davis

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4. Cone Fish Deflector Composite Panel

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5. Square Mesh Panel Composite Panel

Image: Square Mesh BRD manual

Recommended Construction and Installation Instructions for the Composite Panel Reduction Device with a Square Mesh Panel
The Composite Panel Bycatch Reduction Device (BRD) with a Square Mesh Panel (SMP) is a highly effective BRD that has been shown to reduce total bycatch by at least 49.9 percent by weight with only one percent shrimp loss. This certified BRD requires two components – the Composite Panel BRD extension and the SMP in the codend.

Download Square Mesh Panel Composite Panel Manual >

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