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UROP: 2008 Funded Projects

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

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Funded Projects: 2008

Student Project Title Faculty Sponsor
Brandon Boyd  Community respiration contributions to hypoxia on the Louisiana shelf. Dr. Brian Fry
(School of the Coast and Environment, LSU)
Whitney Gayle Effects of sub-optimal salinity and temperature on viability, metabolic activity and proliferation of Perkinsus marinus. Dr. Jerome La Peyre
(Department of Veterinary Science, LSU)
Rachel Laird Characterization of antimicrobial properties in garfish blood. Dr. Rajkumar Nathaniel
(Department of Biological Science, Nicholls State University)
Nicholas Rome Test of hypotheses about early larval development and the estuarine migrations of the river shrimp Macrobrachium ohione Dr. Ray Bauer
(Department of Biology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Kevin Vu Seasonal changes in the freeze tolerance and physiological adaptations of three species of intertidal gastropods from southeastern Alaska. Dr. Bill Stickle
( Department of Biological Sciences, LSU)