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Current Funded Projects: 2021

Mason Bailey,
Louisiana State University
Cryopreservation to Secure Hatcheries Macroalgal Feeds Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Wing
Olivia Barfield,
Tulane University
Inoculation of Baldcypress with Salt-tolerant Endophytes Sunshine Van Bael
Mary Barrow,
Tulane University
Resilience of Coastal Marsh Microbial Communities to Saltwater Intrusion Emily Farrer
Mary Conde,
Caleb Gryder,
Ben Walker,
Louisiana State University
Custom Design, Fabrication and Testing of Environmental Data Systems for Use in Oyster Aquaculture Terrence Tiersch
Jacob Hagen,
Nicholls State University
Does Bursicon Control Exoskeletal Mineralization in the Post-Ecdysial Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus? Enmin Zou
Natalia Matossian,
Tulane University
Quantifying Carbon Burial Rates as a Critical Ecosystem Service in the Mississippi Delta Torbjorn Tornqvist
Vivian Mire,
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Effects of Estuarine Freshening on Predator-Prey Interactions in Plankton Food Webs Beth Stauffer
Genesis Mize,
Louisiana State University
Hypoxia Tolerance of Diploid and Triploid Native Louisiana Populations Megan La Peyre

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