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UROP: 2013 Funded Projects

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

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Funded Projects: 2013

Student Project Title Faculty Sponsor
Megan Arias
Louisiana State University
Prevalence of the parasite Lagenophrys callinectes in blue crabs Callinectes sapidus Dr. Julie Anderson
Mitchell Bogran
Louisiana State University
The interactive effects of substrate type and oiling on the diversity and abundance of commensal communities on artificial oyster reefs Dr. Kenneth Brown
Taylor Bramble
Louisiana State University
Combined cryogenic freezing and freeze drying techniques to produce a nanoencapsulated menhaden fish oil powder Dr. Subramaniam Sathivel
Erin Eiermann
Southeastern Louisiana University
Examination of microbial community composition and respiration in tributaries of the northern Lake Pontchartraln basin in relation to land use Dr. Gary Childers
Sydney Taylor Hebert
Louisiana State University
Effects of Oil and oil dispersants on the embryonic development of the Gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis) Dr. Fernando Galvez
Gregory Keller
Louisiana State University
Identifying Hurricane Isaac flood deposits near LaPlace, Louisiana, for flood risk assessment Dr. Kam-biu Liu
Quoc Trung (Anthony) Nguyen
Louisiana State University
The potential dire consequence of oiling for carbon sequestration and restoration of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands Dr. John White
Shiena Marie Normand
Nicholls State University
Comparison of sensitivity of EROD activity to PAHs between two beach burrowers Dr. Enmin Zou
Jenny Simon
Loyola University New Orleans
Marsh nekton responses to construction of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Surge Barrier Dr. Frank Jordan
Deshae Sorrells
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hematological effects of in vitro exposure to PCB in Trachemys scripta Dr. Roldan Valverde