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UROP: 2012 Funded Projects

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

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Funded Projects: 2012

Student Project Title Faculty Sponsor
Tu Dao
Ashlyn Mangham
Louisiana State University
Effect of salinity and lipid type on sperm quality and cryopreservation Dr. Terrence Tiersch
Dr. Huiping Yang
Ian Denys
Nicholls State University
Assessment of oxidative damages to the Gulf killifish, Fundulus grandis, by the weathered BP oil Dr. Enmin Zou
Casey Elkins
Louisiana State University
Stress response in spawning male Fundulus grandis exposed to Macondo 252 crude oil. Dr. Fernando Galvez
Jaren Lee
Louisiana State University
Evaluation of the role of a novel iron binding protein in eastern oyster host defense against the protozoan parasite Perkinsus marinus Dr. Jerome La Peyre
Amy Miller
Louisiana State University
The extraction of lipids from algae using different alcohols for the production of algal-based biofuels. Dr. Kelly Rusch
Dr. Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Wing
Thomas Sevick
Loyola University
Effects of the Deep Horizon oil spill on marsh fishes in the Mississippi River Delta Dr. Frank Jordan
Logan Sonier
Nicolls State University
Extraction of small antimicrobial peptides from gar blood Dr. Rajkumar Nathaniel
Michael Stanton
Zach Buschlen
Paul Ford
Eddy Wu
Jacob Partain
Frank Bohn
Gerald Knapp
Ian Bizette
Matt Flynn
Louisiana State University
Development of a rapidly deployable storm surge sensor for the purpose of defining the storm surge hazard in populated coastal areas Dr. Carol Friedland
Gabriel Desouza
Dr. Dooyoung Hah
Havalend Steinmuller
Louisiana State University
Effects of fertility gradients on Typha sp. net primary productivity in newly formed wetlands Dr. Victor Rivera-Monroy