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Image: Coastal Clips, Number 63, Spring 2024

Spring 2024 

  • Fisheries Leadership Program Launches
  • $780,000 Climate Mitigation Grant Awarded
  • Hayes Secures $500,000 Solar Research Grant
  • Research Projects for 2024-2026 Funding Cycle Announced
  • 2024 CSAP Projects Selected
  • Tran Joins Oyster Hatchery Team
  • Grant for Alternative Oyster Culture Training Received
  • Robinson Named Oyster Hatchery/Lab Director
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 63, Spring 2024
Image: Coastal Clips, Number 62, Fall 2023

Fall 2023 

  • Silver Lining for Ocean Commotion
  • Plumlee New Fisheries Specialist
  • New Education Coordinator Begins at Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Engagement Coordinator Starts
  • Black Joins LSG Education Team
  • Three Louisiana Knauss Fellowship Finalists Announced
  • Sea Grant Funds LaSSO Project
  • First Van Lopik Scholarship Recipients Awarded
  • Grant Extends Wetland Days Programming
  • AOC Economics Study Finds Scale and Marketing Challenges
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 62, Fall 2023
Image: Coastal Clips, Number 61, Summer 2023

Summer 2023 

  • Oyster Hatchery Marks 30 Years
  • Liffmann Returns to Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Recipient of Marine Debris Grants
  • 2023 UROP Projects Announced
  • State of the Coast
  • Commercial Clam Project Recommended for Funding
  • Third Round Alternative Oyster Culture Grant Recipients Announced
  • CSAP Projects for 2023 Announced
  • NOAA Science Report Features LSG
  • Coastal Connections at Nicholls
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 61, Summer 2023
Image: Coastal Clips, Number 60, Spring 2023

Spring 2023 

  • Finding New Opportunities for Innovation
  • Sea Grant Helps Catfish Processor with $7 Million Grant
  • Seafood Trail Highlights Ecotourism Opportunities
  • LaTer Direct Seafood Opens Facebook Marketplace
  • Future Fishing, Seafood Industry Leaders Sought
  • Petrolia Named Sea Grant Laborde Chair
  • Robinson Takes on Hatchery Manager Duties
  • Lenore Joins Sea Grant as Business Manager
  • Braud Becomes Sea Grant Scholar
  • Gambill Hired as Marine Extension Agent
  • Hayes Joins Louisiana Sea Grant as Water Quality Specialist
  • New Communications Coordinator Begins
  • Young Joins Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Second Round Alternative Oyster Culture Grant Recipients Announced
  • Louisiana Master Naturalist Program Marks 10 Years
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 60, Spring 2023
Image: Coastal Clips, Number 59, Fall 2022

Fall 2022 

  • Live Ocean Commotion Returns
  • LaSSO Project Makes a Surprising Discovery
  • Two Undergraduate LaSSO Research Projects Funded
  • Coastal Restoration Economics: A Granular Look at Project Performance
  • Five Louisiana Knauss Fellowship Finalists Announced
  • Students to Learn about Parade Plastics, Marine Debris
  • Puddles to Floods: Learning to “Read” Flood- Prone Landscapes of the Lower Mississippi River
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 59, Fall 2022
Image: Coastal Clips, Number 58, Summer 2022

Summer 2022 

  • Alternative Oyster Culture Anchoring System to be Tested
  • Seafood Demonstration Lab Opens
  • Gulf of Mexico Conference Draws Crowd
  • Browning Begins at Oyster Research Lab
  • Sea Grant Engages K-12 Students in the Field
  • Atchafalaya NERR Preferred Site
  • Daigle and Partners Receive Gulf Guardian Award
  • Sea Grant Agent Named Alumnus of the Year
  • Save the Date, Louisiana Fisheries Forward Summit 2023
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 58, Summer 2022
Coastal Clips, Number 57, Spring 2022

Spring 2022 

  • Graduate Students Develop Communication Skills at First-of-its-Kind Workshop
  • Rushing Promoted to Business Manager
  • Franze Receives Mentor Award
  • Oglesby Takes on Alternative Oyster Culture Role
  • 2022 UROP Projects Announced
  • Coastal Science Assistantship Projects Announced for 2022
  • Artificial Reef Projects Selected
  • Alternative Oyster Culture Grant Recipients Announced
  • Hurricane Damages from Four Storms Total Nearly $580 Million
  • America’s Third Coast book series – Asian-Cajun Fusion: Shrimp from the Bay to the Bayou
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 57, Spring 2022
Coastal Clips, Number 56, Winter 2021

Winter 2021 

  • Extension Program Reaches Milestone
  • Sea Grant Expands Community Science Efforts with New Hire
  • Cook Takes on Education Coordinator Role
  • Pasco Joins LSG Team as Better BRD Program Manager
  • Gieseler Joins Oyster Hatchery Team
  • Three Undergraduate LaSSO Research Projects Funded
  • Seafood Industry Workforce Development is Focus of Grant
  • Uncertainties in Reef Fish Catch Limits
  • Research Projects for 2022-2024 Funding Cycle Announced
  • Coastal Connections Competition at LSU
  • Louisiana Wetland Days
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 56, Winter 2021
Coastal Clips, Number 55, Summer 2021

Summer 2021 

  • Grants Available for Alternative Oyster Culture
  • Lively Named Louisiana Sea Grant Executive Director
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Expands to Meet New Interdisciplinary Coastal Challenges
  • 2021 UROP Projects Announced
  • Four CSAP Projects Announced
  • Four Knauss Finalists from Louisiana
  • LSG Helps Develop Oyster Broodstock, Robotic Oyster Farming
  • More Secure Mooring Systems for Alternative Oyster Culture Researched
  • Louisiana Homeowners Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 55, Summer 2021
Coastal Clips, Number 54, Spring 2021

Spring 2021 (online only version)

  • Louisiana Sea Grant Expands to Meet New Interdisciplinary Coastal Challenges
  • 2021 UROP Projects Announced
  • Inselman Joins Louisiana Sea Grant
  • LSG Helps Develop Oyster Broodstock, Robotic Oyster Farming
  • Louisiana, Texas Sea Grants Helping Develop Better BRDs
  • Undocumented Flounder Population Decline Discovered\
  • Great Snapper Count finds 110 million red snapper in Gulf, three times more than previous estimates
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 54, Spring 2021
Coastal Clips, Number 53, Winter 2020

Winter 2020 (online only version)

  • NERR Selection Process Begins
  • Lindstedt Retires from LSG
  • Ocean Commotion Online Still Available
  • A Coastal View
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Welcomes New Staff Member
  • Adaptive Management Research Projects Funded
  • 2020 UROP Projects Announced
  • Knauss Graduate Policy Fellowships Applications Open
  • NMFS-Sea Grant Joint Fellowship Program in Population and Ecosystem Dynamics and Marine Resource Economics
  • GomCon Scheduled for April 14
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 53, Winter 2020
Coastal Clips, No 52, Fall 2020

Fall 2020 (online only version)

  • A Coastal View
  • Louisiana Sea Grant COVID-19 Response
  • LSU EnvironMentors Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • Ocean Commotion Moving Online this Fall
  • Louisiana Sea Grant 2021 Knauss Finalists Named
  • LSU Graduate Student Kerrin Toner Awarded Prestigious Coastal Management Fellowship
  • NOAA Partnership Focuses on Ocean Acidification Research Efforts in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Cultivating a Commitment to Aquaculture
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 52, Fall 2020
Coastal Clips, Number 51, Spring 2020

Spring 2020

  • 2006 Project Proposal Becoming Reality
  • Our Next Invasive Species Is a “Snail” of a Story
  • Grant Allows PACIT to Build Dock
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Takes on Taxing Issues
  • Louisiana Fisheries Forward Summit 2020
  • Four CSAP Projects Announced
  • A Coastal View
  • COVID-19 and State of the Coast
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 51, Spring 2020
Coastal Clips, Number 50, Winter 2019

Winter 2019

  • Louisiana Fisheries Forward Summit 2020
  • Another Effort to Making Flying Fish a Great Dish
  • Louisiana’s Seafood Future Releases Findings Report
  • CSAP Students, Projects Announced
  • Two LSU Students Named Knauss Fellowship Finalists
  • Research Projects for 2020-2022 Omnibus Funding Cycle Announced
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 50, Winter2019
Coastal Clips, Number 49, Summer 2019

Summer 2019

  • HB335 Requires Restaurants to Tell Patrons They’re Eating Imported Seafood
  • LSU, ULL Students Win Research Presentation Competition
  • Sea Grant Participates in Coastal-Hydrologic Consortium
  • CNREP Focused on Topics of Increased Importance
  • Blue Carbon: A Buried Benefit for the Climate
  • Pointe-au-Chien Tribe Receives Spirit of Community Award
  • A Coastal View
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Seeks Public Comment for Program Review
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 49, Summer 2019
Coastal Clips, Number 48, Spring 2019

Spring 2019

  • Tell-Tail Signs of Louisiana Crawfish
  • New Hires at Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Callam Named Oyster Lab Director
  • UROP 2019 Announced
  • Keeping Skinny Oysters off the Menu
  • High Water Mark Initiative begins in St. Tammany Area
  • A Coastal View
  • Become a Louisiana Sea Grant LaDIA Faculty Fellow
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 48, Spring 2019
Image: Coastal Clips, Number 47, Spring 2018 cover.

Spring 2018

  • Louisiana Sea Grant Marks a Half Century
  • Supan Announces Retirement
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Book Wins State Award
  • 2018 UROP Projects Announced
  • Fisheries Summit 2018 a Success
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Examines History and Options of Coastal Access Conflict
  • Delcambre Direct Goes Digital
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 47, Spring 2018
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 46, Winter 2017 cover

Winter 2017

  • A Living Laboratory: Watch the Delta Grow
  • New Extension Agent for Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes
  • Federal, State Agencies Utilize CERA During Hurricane Season
  • Research Projects for 2018 Omnibus Announced
  • Coastal Connections Cultivates Science Communicators
  • Louisiana Fisheries Forward Summit 2018
  • 20th Annual Ocean Commotion Held
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 46, Winter 2017
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 45, Fall 2017 cover

Fall 2017

  • Phragmites Scale Newest Coastal Threat
  • 2017 LaDIA Faculty Fellows
  • Four Louisiana Grad Students Named Knauss Finalists
  • HACCP Training Offered again by Sea Grant
  • Ecotourism Offers the Seafood Industry New Revenue Streams
  • Endangered Cemetery Book Available in Fall
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 45, Fall 2017
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 44, Summer 2017 cover

Summer 2017

  • Louisiana Alligators: From Threatened to Thriving
  • Twilley Honored by Environmental Law Institute
  • St. Bernard Parish Enlists Black Mangroves to Combat Coastal Erosion
  • Coastal Connections Takes the Show on the Road
  • Documentary Bridges Coastal Restoration Obstacles
  • A Special Message from the Director of Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Sea Grant Undergraduate Researchers Receive Awards
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 44, Summer 2017
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 43, Spring 2017 cover

Spring 2017

  • Mississippi River Microplastics on the Menu
  • LA DIA Fellow Applications Open
  • UROP Research Projects Announced
  • Then, Now and Next: Lagniappe’s 40th Anniversary
  • Third Coast Books Receive LEH Award
  • Adverse Water Quality Conditions Could Threaten Oysters
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Sea Grant-Supported Students Graduate
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 43, Spring 2017
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 42, Winter 2016 cover

Winter 2016

  • A Declining Delicacy
  • Ocean Commotion Marks 19th Year
  • Coastal Connections Cultivates Science Communicators
  • Fisheries Forward Plans for the Next Three Years
  • Learning from the Front Lines of Oil Spill Response
  • Program Builds Stronger Community Resilience
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • America’s Third Coast Series
  • Sea Grant Director Address Chinese Researchers, Officials
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 42, Winter 2016
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 41, Fall 2016 cover

Fall 2016

  • Eating Away at an Aquatic Invasive
  • New Louisiana Sea Grant Staff Strive for Community Engagement
  • LSU Research Associate, Tulane Grad Student Named 2017 Knauss Fellows
  • LA DIA Faculty Fellows Selected
  • Gulf Pogies Could Become Pacific Fisheries Bait for Native American Nation
  • Workshop Demonstrates Economic Benefits of Small-batch Seafood Processing
  • Sea Grant Agent Champions the Louisiana Clam
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Our Coasts, Our Future, Our Choice
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 41, Fall 2016
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 40, Summer 2016 cover

Summer 2016

  • Sea Grant Researcher Makes Interstate ‘Stud Runs’ to Improve Oyster Breeding
  • Daigle Recognized for Leadership in Climate Outreach
  • Marine Extension Agent Remembered
  • Blanchard Receives National Wetlands Award
  • Ecosystem Services Discussed at CNREP 2016
  • Delcambre Direct by the Numbers (2015)
  • Magical Experience
  • ‘America’s Third Coast’ Book Series Broadens the Audience for Coastal Research
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Our Coasts, Our Future, Our Choice
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 40, Summer 2016
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 39, Spring 2016 cover

Spring 2016

  • LaDIA Faculty Fellows Application Period Open
  • 2016 Fisheries Summit
  • 2016 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Projects Selected
  • New Coastal Science Assistantship Program Recipients Announced
  • Sea Grant-Sponsored Students Graduate
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • State of the Coast Conference
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 39, Spring 2016
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 38, Winter 2015 cover

Winter 2015

  • WAVE Smartphone Application Brings Variety of Information to Fishermen
  • Seafood Quality Training Lab Hits the Streets
  • Cameron Fisheries Project Nears Completion
  • First Four Videos for Seafood Industry Debut
  • Research Projects for 2016 Omnibus Announced
  • 2nd Annual Coastal Communications Clips at LSU
  • Ocean Commotion Marks 18th Year
  • CNREP 2016
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 38, Winter 2015
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 37, Fall 2015 cover

Fall 2015

  • Oyster Hatchery on Grand Isle Opens
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Mourns the Passing of Van Lopik, Becker
  • New GIS Specialist Joins Sea Grant
  • Four Join Coastal Science Assistantship Program
  • 2016 Knauss Fellow Named
  • LaDIA Faculty Fellows Selected
  • Sister Storms: Revisited – 10th Anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Communications Receives APEX Award
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 37, Fall 2015
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 36, Spring 2015 cover

Spring 2015

  • Making Yourself Hurricane Resistant
  • Hagen Named Louisiana Sea Grant Laborde Chair
  • Sea Grant-Supported Students Graduate
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Addresses New Oyster Refrigeration Requirements
  • UROP Research Projects Announced
  • Become a Louisiana Sea Grant LaDIA Faculty Fellow
  • Sea Grant Kiosk Available to Libraries, Museums
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Seeks Public Comment for Program Review
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 36, Spring 2015
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 35, Winter 2014 cover

Winter 2014

  • Sci-TEK Incorporates Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Delcambre Port Waterfront Expansion Opens to Fishermen, Public
  • Resilient Communities Projects Announced
  • Students Present Research in Three Minutes or Less
  • Commercial Fishing Workshops Slated
  • Statements of Interest Being Accepted
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 35, Winter 2014
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 34, Fall 2014 cover

Fall 2014

  • Urban Raised Crawfish
  • Student Oral History Project Drawing to a Close
  • LaDIA Fellows Move Forward
  • Building a Turn-Key Oyster Nursery System
  • NFIP Increases Scaled Back
  • Sea Granter Honored
  • Louisiana Sea Grant 2015 Knauss Finalist Named
  • Oil Spill Specialist Joins Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Launches Redesigned Website
  • Sea Grant Publications for the Holidays
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 34, Fall 2014
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 33, Summer 2014 cover

Summer 2014

  • Shining a Light on Misconceptions about Climate Change
  • Four to Join Coastal Science Assistantship Program
  • UROP Research Projects Announced
  • Diver Safety Efforts Recognized
  • Stepping up Collaborative Efforts with a Sea Grant “Exchange Program”
  • Meetings, Seminars Aim to Assist Louisiana Fishermen
  • Extension Exchange Offers Insights into Storm Recovery
  • Sea Grant Holds Crab Workshop at Entrepreneurship Center at Nunez
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Adds Three New Faces
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 33, Summer 2014
Image: Coastal Clips, No. 32, Spring 2014 cover

Spring 2014

  • Postwar Louisiana Imagery Returns Home
  • Safe Harbor Options Studied
  • ‘Water Like Stone’ Chronicles Slow Loss of Leeville
  • Advanced oil-water separator under development
  • Training Geared to Help Seafood Industry
  • Sea Grant Supported Students Graduate
  • Natural Hazards Handbook for Homeowners Available
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 32, Spring 2014
Image: Coastal Clips, No 31, Winter 2013 cover Winter 2013

  • Academy for Commercial Fishermen Set for March
  • Law School Students Gain Real World Experience
  • Ocean Commotion Marks 16 Years
  • Research Projects Chosen for 2014
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • State of the Coast Registration Open
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 31, Winter 2013
Image: Coastal Clips, No 30, Fall 2013 cover Fall 2013

  • Flood Insurance Rates Skyrocket for Some as NFIP Subsidies Evaporate
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Places Two Knauss Fellows for 2014
  • Oyster Hatchery Staff Grows
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • CNREP Focuses on Ecosystem Services
  • Moving Wetland Owners to Act for the Public Good
  • VBS Label Expands to Black Drum
  • Louisiana Shrimpers Take Advantage of TAA
  • Twilley Named CERF President-Elect
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 30, Fall 2013
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 29, Summer 2013 cover Summer 2013

  • Natural Hazards Handbook for Homeowners Available
  • CERA Reorganized for 2013 Storm Season
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Delcambre Safe Harbor Concepts Studied
  • First Packaged Louisiana Certified Seafood Product Unveiled
  • Master Naturalists Deepen and Share Knowledge about Louisiana Geology, Flora and Fauna
  • Construction Starts on New Oyster Hatchery on Grand Isle
  • Research Update
  • Lampila Named IFT Fellow
  • CSAP Students for 2013 Named
  • Bethel Takes on Research Director Duties
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 29, Summer 2013
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 28, Spring 2013 cover Spring 2013

  • Sea Grant Reaches Undergraduates through UROP
  • Research Update
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Oyster Hatchery Marks 20 Years as Research
  • Off-bottom Oyster Culture Aided by Sea Grant Legal
  • Sea Grant-Supported Students Graduate
  • Johnson Joins Sea Grant Staff
  • Have Coastal Clips Delivered Electronically
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 28, Spring 2013
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 27, Winter 2012 cover Winter 2012

  • LSU AgCenter and Alligator Industry Align for Reptile Research
  • Volunteers Needed to Remove Derelict Crab Traps
  • Letter from the Director
  • Ocean Commotion Marks Crystal
  • Anniversary and Honors Returning Exhibitors
  • Improving Storm Surge Forecasts to Protect Lives and Property
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Research Update
  • Three Added to LSG Rolls
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 27, Winter 2012
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 26, Fall 2012 cover Fall 2012

  • Louisiana Direct Seafood Puts the Freshest Catch in the Hands of Consumers
  • Consumers Net Vermilion Sweet Shrimp
  • Certified Louisiana Seafood Is on the Way
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Research Update
  • Allen Appointed Laborde Endowed Chair
  • LSU Doctoral Student Named 2013 Knauss Fellow
  • High School Students Chronicle the History of At-Risk Coastal Communities
  • Water, Water Everywhere, but Few Management Policies in Sight
  • Mobile Home
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 26, Fall 2012
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 25, Summer 2012 cover Summer 2012

  • LSG Oyster Operations Center Opens on Grand Isle; Hatchery to Receive $3 Million to Rebuild
  • CSAP Students for 2012
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Research Update
  • Twilley Named Louisiana Sea Grant Executive Director
  • Laboarde Chair Named International Fellow by Wetland Scientists
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Adds Three New Faces
  • LSU EnvironMentor Honored Nationally
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 25, Summer 2012
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 24, Spring 2012 cover Spring 2012

  • Derelict Crab Trap Rodeos Round Up Lost and Abandoned Fishing Gear
  • Earth Fest 2012
  • Blogs Help Keep Sea Grant Stakeholders in Touch
  • Louisiana, Michigan Partner on Oil Spill Technology
  • Sea Grant Funds Project to Demolish Outdated Water Control Structure
  • Teens Attack Invasives Problem with a Rodeo
  • Differences between Two Alligator Gar Populations Studied
  • Research Update
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Director Announces Departure
  • Decision-Making Toolkit for Wetland Management Goal of Laborde Chair
  • LUMCON Director Named National Sea Grant Advisory Board Chair
  • Gulf of Mexico Hydrological Restoration Projects Sought
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 24 Spring 2012
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 23, Winter 2011 cover Winter 2011

  • Program Encourages 4-H Students to Prepare for a Resilient Future
  • Sea Grant Personnel Solicit External Funding
  • Savolainen Honored with Schmied Award
  • Research Update
  • 2012-13 Omnibus Research Projects Announced
  • Researchers Hope to Improve Efficiency of Restoration Spending
  • Shirley Honored
  • Solar Food Drying for Developing Countries
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 23, Winter 2011
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 22, Fall 2011 cover Fall 2011

  • Delcambre Direct Expanding Across the Coast
  • Tulane Grad Named 2012 Knauss Fellow
  • LSG’s Lampila Part of Norovirus Collaborative
  • Sea Grant Researcher Studies Impact of Corexit on Blue Crabs
  • Research Update
  • Mangrove Expansion in Louisiana Salt Marsh
  • Oral History Recordings Now Available Online
  • Caffey Named Sea Grant Extension Director
  • Bui Receives Gulf Guardian Award
  • Herrington New Marine Extension Agent
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 22, Fall 2011
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 21, Summer 2011 cover Summer 2011

  • Some Consumers Still Have Seafood Safety Concerns
  • Deepwater Horizon Environmental Impact Assessment Continues
  • Research Update
  • Sea Grant Responds to Mississippi River Flooding
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Photo, Map Collection Available Online
  • Brown Departs Louisiana Sea Grant
  • New LSG Research Associate Working on Enhanced GIS Products
  • EnvironMentor Students Win Awards at National Competition
  • Touching New Audiences with Technology
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 21, Summer 2011
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 20, Spring 2011 cover Spring 2011

  • Invasive Fish Becomes Nutritious Dish for Haitians in Need
  • Sea Grant Oyster Hatchery Reopens on Grand Isle
  • Research Update
  • Seafood Expert Returns to Louisiana
  • Seafood Safety 101
  • New Invasive Species Causing a Roar
  • Daigle Elected to Sustainable Community Development Group
  • Delcambre Direct Lands Additional Profits for Shrimpers
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 20, Spring 2011
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 19, Winter 2010 cover Winter 2010

  • Coastal Zone Boundary Shift a Possibility
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Response to Gulf Oil Spill
  • Research Update
  • New Oyster Farming Technique Increases Productivity
  • Matherne Returns to Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Charter Boat Survey Results
  • Ocean Commotion 2010
  • Get Coastal Clips Delivered Electronically
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 19, Winter 2010
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 18, Fall 2010 cover Fall 2010

  • Anniversary of Sister Storms Marked
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Fields Two Knauss Fellows
  • Falgout Joins LSG Extension
  • 4-H Junior Leaders Experience Marsh Maneuvers
  • Research Update
  • Becker Retires from Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Receives APEX Award
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 18, Fall 2010
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 17, Summer 2010 cover Summer 2010

  • Sea Grant Responds to Gulf Oil Spill
  • Lindstedt Receives Coastal Stewardship Award
  • Dockside Sales via Website Marketing
  • Research Update
  • Book Explores Louisiana History from Different Perspective
  • LSG Grad Assistant Lands Smithsonian Job
  • HACCP Training Draws National Crowd
  • Floating Islands More than Decorative Water Feature
  • Forum Section Opens on LSG Website
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 17, Summer 2010
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 16, Spring 2010 cover Spring 2010

  • Doing More than “Carping” about an Invasive Species
  • Nine Research Projects Funded in 2010 Omnibus
  • Bourgeois Remembered for His Guidance, Dedication
  • New Statewide Fisheries Specialist Named
  • Sea Grant Communications Receives Two Awards
  • Sea Grant Capturing Coastal Zone Oral Histories
  • Resource, Coastal Conferences Scheduled
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 16, Spring 2010
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 15, Fall 2009 cover Fall 2009

  • Wind Energy Potential Offshore
  • Envisioning the Next Storm Surge
  • Coastal Sustainability Studio Launched
  • The Law of Change
  • NOAA Promotes Climate Literacy
  • LSU Treads Lighter than Similar Schools When It Comes to CO2
  • Sea Grant International
  • Restoration on a Roll
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 15, Fall 2019
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 14, Summer 2009 cover Summer 2009

  • Reef Balls Create Inviting Habitat in Lake Pontchartrain
  • Bringing Aquatic Access Under One Umbrella
  • Extension Leader Announced
  • Sea Grant Law Clerk Wins Writing Competition
  • LSU Sports NMFS Fellow
  • Saltwater Fishing Task Force Cast in Important Role
  • DARPP Employee Honored for Her Work
  • LSG Receives Environmental Communication Award
  • LSU to Offer Stock Assessment Training
  • Study Evaluates Reasons Businesses Reopened after Katrina
  • Oysters Hatchery to Relocate
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 14, Summer 2009
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 13, Spring 2009 cover Spring 2009

  • Chandeleur Lighthouse Remembered
  • Boat Transitions from Shrimping to Scientific Studyboat
  • “Levee School” Coursework Available Online
  • Business Incubator Offers Start-Ups Opportunities
  • New Vibrio Detection Technique Set for Testing
  • Laursen Takes Helm of NOAA Regional Team
  • Kobashi Named Knauss Fellow
  • Guidelines for Baitfish Harvesters, Retailers Available
  • No Barriers to Learning
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 13, Spring 2009
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 12, Winter 2009 cover Winter 2009

  • Compound in Oysters Effective in Preventing Cancer
  • Bring Your Own Bucket
  • LSU to Receive $300,000 to Teach Teachers
  • LSU Coastal Roots Leaders Recognized
  • Offshore Aquaculture Discussed
  • Grad Student Measures LSU’s Greenhouse Gas Footprint
  • New Members Join Sea Grant Team
  • LeBlanc Named Pickren Professor
  • LSG Interim Associate Executive Director Retires
  • Sea Grant Personnel Receive CSREES Award
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 12, Winter 2009
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 11, Fall 2008 cover Fall 2008

  • From the River to the Sea and Back Again
  • Wetland Express Rolls
  • Brix Appointed Laborde Endowed Chair
  • Capturing Fisheries,Pirates and the Past
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Receives Fisheries Assessment Grant
  • Marine Debris Project and Web Site Expanded
  • Sea Grant Welcomes New Employees
  • Lindstedt joins GOMA
  • Rod Emmer, Ph.D
  • Presidents’ Forum Draws Regional Insurance Officials
  • Publications from Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 11, Fall 2008
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 10, Summer 2008 cover Summer 2008

  • Historic Viosca Photos Available Online
  • Louisiana Coastal Hazard Mitigation Guidebook
  • New Assistantship Program Offers Employment Opportunities
  • NOAA Administrator Visits LSU
  • Film Demonstrates Hurricane Impacts
  • Students Dive into Portable Ocean
  • Red Snapper Ecology and Fisheries in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico
  • Sea Grant Says Farewell to Two Employees
  • Indonesian Student Aids in Hurricane Damage Assessments
  • Franze Named New Marine Extension Agent
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 10, Summer 2008
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 9, Winter 2007 cover Winter 2007

  • Researcher’s Warning Helps Save Lives in Bangladesh
  • Sea Grant Assists European Documentary
  • Bui Named New Extension Agent
  • A Different Perspective on Sustainable Communities
  • Wetland Lab on the Horizon
  • ‘One NOAA’ Exemplified by Sea Grant/NMFS
  • Hydroacoustics May Aid Fisheries Managers
  • New White Shrimp Prediction Model Developed
  • Trout Study Continues on Calcasieu Lake
  • Freshman Levee School Class Graduates
  • Bring the Marsh into Your Classroom
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 9, Winter 2007
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 8, Fall 2007 cover Fall 2007

  • Oyster Hatchery Operational for First Time Since Katrina
  • Ocean Commotion Turns 10
  • Delcambre Turning Devastation into Redevelopment
  • Extension Agents Receive National Recognition
  • Researchers Working on Aquafeed Fishmeal Substitute
  • Liffmann Appointed to National Sea Grant Position
  • Coastal Engineer Joins Louisiana Sea Grant
  • UROP Participant Researches Her Options
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 8, Fall 2007
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 7, Summer 2007 cover Summer 2007

  • Fingerprints Make the Blueprints of Stewardship
  • A Map of Many Uses
  • Exploring Red Snapper Habitat
  • Land Use Planning Eyed as Hurricane Defense
  • NOAA Web Site Charts Gulf of Mexico Storm Debris
  • GIS Instructional Videos Available Online
  • Barrett-O’Leary to Retire in Fall
  • New Personnel at Sea Grant
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Alumni Update
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 7, Summer 2007
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 6, Spring 2007 cover Spring 2007

  • Strengthening Wetlands while Treating Wastewater
  • Levee School Planning Begins
  • Restore America’s Estuaries
  • Drumming Up a Solution for Oyster Growers
  • Legal Impediments to Coastal Restoration Identified in Report
  • Sea Grant Extension Agents Honored for Recovery, Conservation Work
  • Recovery Issues Discussed at Fisheries Summit
  • Louisiana Wetlands Land in Nation’s Capital
  • Sea Grant Helping Mark the Road Home
  • Communications Internship Expanded to Southern University
  • Coastal Clues
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 6, Spring 2007
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 5, Winter 2006 cover Winter 2006

  • Cryopreservation Could Be the Next Advancement in Aquaculture
  • LSG Research Looks at Mercury Concentration in Gulf of Mexico
  • Your Opinion Matters
  • Sea Grant, FEMA Personnel Push for Partnership
  • Challenges on the Half-Shell
  • Coastal Hazard Mitigation Guidebook Being Developed
  • O’Leary Honored with Coastal America Partnership Award
  • Knauss Fellow is D.C. Bound
  • Wolcott Joins LSG
  • Mills Offers Sea Grant GIS Capabilities
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 5, Winter 2006
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 4, Fall 2006 cover Fall 2006

  • Debris Project Aids Hurricane Rita Recovery
  • Volunteers Help Fisheries and Agriculture
  • Ice Plants Donated for Fisheries Industry
  • Fisheries Assessments Used in Funding Requests
  • State’s Shellfish Regulation Evaluated
  • The Next Storm Surge
  • Roberts Retires
  • Floodplain Management Expert Joins LSG
  • Louisiana Sea Grant Receives APEX Award
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 4, Fall 2006
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 3, June 2006 cover June 2006

  • The Home of Great Advice
  • Disaster Coordinator Joins Sea Grant Staff
  • Sanitizing Naturally with Ozonated Water
  • On the Trail of Unwelcome Aquatics
  • Menhaden Oil Refinement
  • Internship Project
  • FEMA & Sea Grant Work Together
  • LSG Researcher Honored with JSPS Fellowship
  • Caffey Recognized for Educational Role, Stewardship
  • Presidents’ Forum Meeting Coastal Challenges
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 3, June 2006
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 2, March 2006 cover March 2006

  • Travelift Donated for Katrina, Rita Vessel Recovery Effort
  • ULL Grad Student Researches Shrimp Pheromones
  • Storm Surge Maps Aid in Rebuilding Decisions
  • Louisiana Sea Grant’s Ronald Becker Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Supporting an Economic Safe Harbor
  • Jerald Horst: A Controversial Messenger
  • Sea Grant Legal Helps Storm Victims Navigate Regulations
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 2, March 2006
 Image: Coastal Clips, No 1, December 2005 cover December 2005

  • Designing Disaster-Resistant Communities
  • Rebuilding New Orleans
  • Hurricane Recovery Resources Online
  • Marsh Mission Accomplished
  • Pumping Up Wetlands
  • New Sea Grant Employees
  • Addressing Wastewater Issues
  • Download: Coastal Clips, No. 1, December 2005